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Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose granite?

One of the best reasons to choose granite is for its extraordinary natural beauty.  Our customers have the ability to choose from over 200 granite colors assuring you that your counter top will be unique.  Granite is also the most durable in all surfaces used in counter top construction. 

Another benefit is that hot pans can be placed on the surface, without the worry of burning or melting the counter top.  Granite is able to withstand up to 1,200 degrees fahrenheit temperatures, dispersing the heat throughout its surface area.  You can also use most household knives to cut meat and vegetables directly on the surface.  With proper sealing granite surfaces can be made stain proof and can withstand years of wear and usage.

You will also be surprised at how affordable granite can be, while adding value to your home.  Don't settle for less when you can get the real thing at a reasonable price.

Can I use window cleaner on my granite?

We recommend that you clean with just soap and water.  Although, you may use a window cleaner without harsh chemicals such as ammonia or acids.

Do I need to use disinfectant wipes to eliminate bacteria from my granite counter top?

No, because granite does not harbor bacteria.  Just wash the countertops as able and you will be safe.

Can granite be scratched?

No, the only thing harder than granite is a diamond.  However, another piece of granite can scratch a granite counter top in very rare instances.

Are granite countertops safe from radon/radiation?

The Marble Institute of America has offered the following advice in their brochure "The Truth About Granite and Radon/Radiation":

"Recent media reports have called into question the safety of granite countertops. Fueled by the manufacturers of competing synthetic products, these misleading and inaccurate reports have made granite and radon a confusing and emotional issue for consumers, many of whom are now concerned about installing granite countertops in their homes or are worried about the countertops they already have. The scope of these concerns is unfounded.

As two leading authorities on indoor environmental exposures, Dr. John McCarthy, of Environmental Health & Engineering, and Dr. John D. Spengler, of the Harvard School of Public Health, recently concluded: “A considerable amount of research has been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature and all of it comes to the same conclusion: the levels of radon coming off a granite countertop are not excessive and not showing any risk for the population in their homes.”

In fact, noted authorities on granite, radon and risk recently confirmed what independent scientific studies conducted over the years have found: Granite countertops are not known to pose a health risk to consumers."




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