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Top Ten Questions

Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Stone Fabricator


1)       What quality of stone do they sell to their customers?  Can they tell you the difference between Grade A stone and Commercial quality stone?


2)       What thickness of stone will the fabricator be using?  Many stone suppliers use a thinner (2cm) stone and build it up on plywood sub-decking with a laminated edge.  This stone is more likely to crack in the future and not withstand the test of time as your home settles. 


3)       What type of warranties do they offer?


4)       What do they recommend their customers do for maintenance?  Do they offer a lifetime sealant? 


5)       What is their lead time, from time of measure to installation and how long will the installation take?


6)       Can you view the slabs that they will be using on your job, prior to installation?


7)       How many seams will they be putting in your job?  Where would the seams be located?


8)       Is the cost you are being quoted all inclusive?  Many times companies tack on extra charges for cut-outs, sinks, cook-tops, electrical outlets, faucet holes, radius corners and backsplashes after your original quote.  Are there extra charges for delivery, installation and/or removal of your old countertops? 


9)       While they are fabricating your stone, will they place any type of reinforcement system on the volatile areas of your countertops (for example: the cutout around the sink)?  How are the undermount sinks going to be attached to the granite? 


10)   What type of edges do they offer at no additional charge?  What are the charges for their upgraded edges?


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